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let me take you on a short, quick & interesting tour about me and my life.

Hi, My name is KAJAL TYAGI. A post graduate in finance , pursuing CA.

I will just summarize by talking about what I love to do in my free time is learning, executing and teaching Life lessons on Personal Finance and experimenting my Digital Marketing Passion through Digital Deepak Internship Program.

So yes, what I love is – to write, to speak, to grow, to be more and more of myself with each passing day, to become stronger, to discipline myself, to increase my efficiency, to work on myself and THEN use all this to empower people to be able to do the same.

What drives me – is to create IMPACT – to be the catalyst which brings change in others’s lives – your life. To make it better, even if it is just a little bit.

And interest in Finance – is one of the parts out of all the various parts which make me. 

What makes you, you? 

Share your story with me at I promise, I respond!